17 November 2009

The JWP Blog is MOVING!!

Find our new and improved blog at www.joannawilsonphoto.com/blog -- be sure to sign up for our email notifications. We have a lot of new shoots to post throughout the holiday season (it's been a busy fall) so stay tuned!

Much love,
Joanna & Brian

30 August 2009

LINDSAY & STEVE: brooklynites in los angeles

Some dear friends of ours from "the old country" paid us a visit this week and wanted a few engagement shots. Granted, we gave them more than just a few shots! They really let us play and capture the unique intimacy and humor of their relationship. We incorporated their love of the beach, vegan cupcakes (Lindsay's vice) and calla lillies, which will be featured at their fall wedding in Pennsylvania.

21 August 2009

AMY SHEEHAN: musician extraordinaire

During a trip to NY in May, I got to work in Dumbo again with an incredible singer/songwriter, Amy Sheehan. She and I had a blast with our make-up artist, finding all the cool nooks and crannies of the 'hood, and slicing up some avocado for props. You'll have to ask her about the significance.

03 August 2009

AMI & DAN: and belly makes three!

This shoot was Ami's birthday gift for her husband, so Happy Birthday Dan! We went out to Malibu and had some fun times in the water, climbing rocks and the like. Ami's such a trooper! She would have scaled that wall if Dan would have left her! Can't wait to meet the little one when she arrives!

02 August 2009

HERB & ALAN: a connecticut wedding

These guys have been together for 17 years! I felt so lucky to be there on their special day. They got married at their friend's beautiful house in New Canaan, and despite the occasional raindrop, it was a fabulous affair! The catering and flowers were all taken care of by Frank & Julio, who were an awesome team. Congratulations, you two!